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Another Affair? This Time It’s Presidential . . . OMG!


Steve Schilling Creates a Rush

Steve Schilling Creates a “Rush” in Washington DC

OMG – – – Steve Schilling is at it again; but this time he has moved up in the ranks – – – WAAAY UP!

In Presidential Affair, the 3rd book in the ‘Love, Lies and Liaisons’ trilogy, Steve is recruited to Washington DC by the
first female president of the United States
. She needs his leadership skills in developing and passing legislation to reform our nation’s educational system. Their teamwork is impressive as they win the support of senators and representatives on both sides of the aisle.



In fact, they work so well together that President Stetson periodically has a “rush.”

Ahhh . . . but she isn’t the only woman to have a “rush” as the “Steve-a-mania” epidemic hits Washington DC.

To learn more, order Presidential Affair. It is available in all formats at Amazon.com, and other online sources.

Or better yet, order an autographed copy by visiting my website www.LesCochran.com so you can brag that you know the author!


  1. Way to go, Les. Presidential as in U.S.!!! Wow that is moving up. Hope all is well with you and your agent!
    Marlene & Tom, too

    • Hi Marlene, We are great! My agent is better then ever – – – if that’s possible. Please spread the word among friends, avid readers, book clubs about the 3rd novel in my ‘Love, Lies and Liaisons’ trilogy being released. We hope all is well with both of you. Cheers!

  2. Want to be. In contact with Linda (dob). She. Will know this abbreviation . Please answer

    • Hi DOB Joyce,
      It is me. I do all the promo work for Les’ books. We are getting some tentative plans together to travel north for the summer. Hopefully we may be able to see you. Are you retired yet?

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