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BLIND PIG, my focus for today, is a bit different than last week when I posted a copy of an article in a Washington, DC, TheHill.com, featuring my thoughts on how the federal government could cut the bloated budget without firing employees or cutting programs. For details, see:  http://bit.ly/CochranOnTheHill

Back to Book Business

Today, it’s back to book business.   This time I need your help.  In early 2018, I’ll be releasing BLIND PIG, the second novel in my Detroit Thorn Birds Defy the Mafia series

Your Thoughts Are Important

BLIND PIG will be my fifth book, and second historical fiction novel.  As I’ve  mentioned to you before, I value input from readers.  Remember, I “de-sexed” SAX CLUB because several readers told me it deluded the historical genre by diverting the reader’s attention away from the plot without adding value to the story.

Book Description

Detective Clark Philips is upping the ante; his team of police officers and FBI agents embark on an operation to undercut Mafia run blind pigs and unmask Mafia ties with the Catholic Church.

Building upon their successes in SAX CLUB, the real-to-life characters continue their uphill battle in BLIND PIG, the second historical fiction novel in the “Detroit Thorn Birds” series.

It’s the late ‘70s, Detroit is hemorrhaging; a criminal juggernaut has brought the city to its knees — the Mafia has outwitted and outmaneuvered what is widely known as the nation’s most corrupt police force. The city’s social fabric is torn beyond repair, neighborhood gangs are rampant — unethical political officials offer no help — the situation is hopeless!

Today’s Challenge: Find Beta Readers for BLIND PIG

That means I need your help.  For the first time, I’m asking readers to give me feedback before the book is published.  Yes, it’s a process described as using “beta readers.”  I need beta readers for BLIND PIG.

What is Expected?

There is no need for beta readers to edit the text as I always have my books professionally edited.  I need feedback from you on the storyline- -does it flow? Are the characters (good, bad and ugly) well defined? What should be added or deleted to make the book a “good read?”

Want to “Be a Beta?”

If you are interested, or know someone who is an avid reader and would like to “be a beta,” please let me know as soon as possible.  Leave a note in the box below or email me at  Author@LesCochran.com I will send a pdf. of BLIND PIG with basic guidelines for sharing your thoughts with me.

Cheers to Readers Everywhere!   

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