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Call for Detroit Mafia Experts


Oh, oh – – I’ve become a “research-aholic!” Seriously, it’s an addiction I’ve acquired as I develop my historical fiction series on the Detroit mafia in the 1970s and 80s. Yes, it’s fiction I’m writing, but wow does the real life data ever fuel my imagination.

Detroit Mafia Experts Needed

My major goal in writing this series is to narrow the gap between fact and fiction. Needless to say, I’m open to learning more about the way it was in Detroit during those days.  I know I’ve told you that I lived and taught high school there during that time, however, I was more naive about what was going on than I thought.  Whew! The tales I’ve heard and the data I’ve uncovered are super for weaving stories for my readers.

Some of my sources include information from retired members of the Detroit Division of the FBI. Who wouldn’t want to know what was going on with their mafia cases?  Below is a review of SAX CLUB from an FBI source.  Many thanks to Oscar.  After interviewing him several times I thought I’d learned everything he had to share.  Whoa, was I wrong.  Each time I communicate with him, he shares another case from his days in Detroit.  I gleefully take notes and begin creating ways to work the new information in a future novel.

Help With My Addiction

I enjoy interacting with others who lived in Detroit and personally (or indirectly) experienced some mafia actions and connections.  Again, these insights get me fired up about writing new stories for my key characters as I continue to develop this series.

If you have personal experiences, or connections with someone who may, please share with me.  Let me know how to contact you by leaving information in the Message box below or email me at:  Author@LesCochran.com   

Cheers to Readers!

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