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October 29, 2017
by lescochranblog

Federal Budget Cuts Made Simple

Fiction Writer Proposes Strategy to Cut Federal Budget? After reading my blogs, you’re probably wondering why is a fiction writer proposing a strategy to cut the federal budget?  Well, in some ways the two go hand-in-hand.  For two decades, now, … Continue reading

May 4, 2017
by lescochranblog

Detroit Schools

Hi Friends and Readers.  As you know I have started posting blogs on a regular schedule but sometimes I enjoy a little change-up.  I hope you do as well. My new series, Detroit Thorn Birds, is historical fiction about the … Continue reading

April 25, 2016
by lescochranblog

Athletics Should Disclose Finances

The April 18 USA TODAY story, “College spending looks unsustainable” only touched the financial tip of athletic-spending issues. Economist Andrew Zimbalist was right: “Politically, it’s not sustainable. Legally, it’s not sustainable. Economically, it’s not sustainable.” NCAA President Mark Emmert acknowledged … Continue reading

October 12, 2015
by lescochranblog


OK, I’ve been writing very serious blogs recently. Perhaps it is time that I lighten up a little. Since I’m a writer I thought I would pass on what I learned about “Lexophiles.”   Please note that is Lexophiles not Sexophiles. They … Continue reading


October 12, 2015 by lescochranblog | 3 Comments


Last week the faculty at a local university stood tall, giving a glimmer of hope for our community and the State—they opposed the possession of guns on campus.

It’s hard to believe this issue of allowing guns on campus would even come before the Faculty Senate but it did, thanks to the wisdom of the state legislature.  Interestingly, in making Florida one of twenty states to pass such a bill, the legislature didn’t remove the restriction of guns at their meetings or those of any other government agency.

All but one Republican supported the bill; all of the Democrats opposed it.  Strangely, the legislation eliminated stun guns and other devices designed solely for defensive purposes making the intent clear—legislators were NOT interested in personal defense; their vote endorsed vigilante action— a concept rejected by wild-westerners decades ago.

All of that aside, you’d think politicians would follow the lead, or at least listen to those closest to the situation, but they failed to respect the fact that:

  • State University Presidents OPPOSED the measure.
  • State Police Chiefs OPPOSED the measure.
  • State University System’s Board of Governors OPPOSED the measure.

On the other side, the National Rifle Association supported the bill. Their lobbyist said it all:  “College campuses are gun-free zones, where murders, rapists and shooters can commit crimes without fear of being harmed by their victims.”  I spent over thirty years of my career on college campuses and NEVER heard such a definition of university life.

Fact is, deranged individuals do not follow normal logical patterns; they have no feelings for their victims nor fear of the police. And now, they’re protected by the National Rifle Association.


Common sense?  

By the university faculty?  YES!

By the legislature in Florida?  NO WAY!

By the National Rifle Association?  NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Well, that’s my opinion – – – what’s yours?

April 7, 2015
by lescochranblog

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Would you buy from a guy with this “Steamy Novelist” sign hanging over his head ? ? ? Ha, ha – that worked for me! Continue reading

January 8, 2015
by lescochranblog

Time to Stop Skyrocketing College Tuition Costs!

Public college tuition skyrocketed over twelve times, nearly doubling the rate of medical increases. Like heart disease, the “higher education silent killer” has already taken its toll—$1.3 trillion in student-loan debt that has limited access for millions of people and greatly curtailed their economic purchasing-power. Continue reading

October 12, 2014
by lescochranblog

The Real Les: Elementary

Just for fun, I will periodically be sharing some of my childhood stories. I’ll label this series “The Real Les.” The first in this series takes place when I was in elementary school. My legal name is Leslie and that is what my mother called me when I was young. In the old days a male called Les was either Leslie or Lester. Today I go by Les otherwise people think I am a girl! <a href="”> Read More…
Continue reading

August 21, 2014
by lescochranblog

NCAA’s Two-Step Placates Few: Time for the Big Dance

We all remember Saturday afternoon and the big football game—homecoming, parties, dances and rallies—what could be better? Student tickets were free and alums found a reason to return. Student-athletes went to class and graduated in four years. They earned their scholarship by working on campus. Players had personal responsibilities. And so it was fifty years ago. <a href="”> Read More… Continue reading