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Federal Budget Cuts Made Simple


Fiction Writer Proposes Strategy to Cut Federal Budget?

After reading my blogs, you’re probably wondering why is a fiction writer proposing a strategy to cut the federal budget?  Well, in some ways the two go hand-in-hand.  For two decades, now, the rhetoric in Washington, DC has been the same—politicians promise budget cuts—but spending balloons and the federal deficit skyrockets. Hmm. . . anything fictitious in those promises?  

Fact is, in 1998 President Clinton had a balanced budget, and then through joint efforts of a Republican Congress, maintained budget surpluses in his last three years in office.

So, even though I spend hours writing fiction, my strategy for cutting the federal budget is NOT fictitious.

It’s a Tested Strategy that Works.

Before becoming a fiction writer, I was a university president.  Upon arrival on campus, I found the university was running a deficit–using over $6 million from reserves in the operating budget—the reserves were gone.  I had to develop a plan. 

I’m sharing my strategy with you via an article I wrote for The Hill, the largest circulation of any Capitol Hill publication, with more than 24,000 print readers and thousands more online.  It provides in-depth coverage of breaking news and tackles the most pressing policy issues for decision-makers in Washington D.C.  

A Synopsis of Federal Budget Cutting Strategy

Article Printed in The Hill, 10-27-17

Substantive federal budget cuts require more than cutting programs along party lines.  Reductions must be systemic.  Read how a trillion dollar reduction in federal spending can be made, without terminating employees or eliminating programs:   http://bit.ly/CochranOnTheHill   

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