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Live with Les – The Detroit Riots


Hello Friends and Fans,

The Detroit Riots of 1967 made a huge impact on the future of Detroit.  I was there and I’m about to share some of my experiences with you.  Have you watched Facebook Live before?  That’s where I’ll be Sunday, July 30 at 7 PM – Detroit time!

Help Me Recruit Viewers

Facebook Live is a new venue for me.  I sure hope I don’t end up talking to myself – – ha, ha! How about forwarding this to your friends who are interested in the history of Detroit and/or the Detroit Riots, or those who like to read historical fiction, or about crime, and the mafia?  I’ll share background on how my years in Detroit inspired me to create the “Detroit Thorn Birds” series. Go to Amazon: http://bit.ly/SaxClubLesCochran

“Live with Les”

That’s what I’m calling my event Sunday.  Perhaps it will be something I do from time to time.  I want to interact with you and others who read my work and this seems like a fun way to start the two-way interaction.  While you are watching “Live with Les” I encourage you to write a question or comment on Facebook. Or, if you wish, send your questions ahead via this blog. I will he happy to respond. 

Go to: https://www.facebook.com/Les-Cochran-Fiction-Author

Lin and I’ll figure out the Facebook mechanics to make this work.  While we are doing that, please recruit your friends and anyone else that is interested in this topic.  The address above will take you to my Facebook page where I will be doing “Live with Les.”  

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