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Matt Lauer, Cohorts – Worse Than Steve Schilling, Sex Addict


Yes, I created a sex addict named Steve Schilling.  Please note I said “created.”  I’m a fiction writer, so I believe it’s okay to make my characters a bit irregular.  I did a lot of research and then used my imagination to make up stuff about Steve and the five (yes, five) women he was having affairs with – – all at the same time.  See more details.

Geez, if I’d only waited a couple of years I wouldn’t have needed to tax my imagination!  Recent revelations of men in high positions using their stature to sexually pursue women have led to numerous media unveilings (a little play on words.)

Hot Potato

Unfortunately, the media have only touched the tip of the hot potato. (I was going to say “tip of the iceberg” but this is no iceberg.)  I believe more and more real-life tales will come forth.

Now Back to Steve

Steve may be a fictional character in my “Love, Lies, and Liaisons” trilogy, but his problems are not fictional.  I’ve had a few readers pooh-pooh my writing by saying it wasn’t realistic, could never happen.  Well, it looks like the media is making it very clear that it can and does happen.

Book to Movie

When SIGNATURE AFFAIR, the first book in the trilogy, was released I had hoped (like every author does) it would become a movie.  Huh – – when I look at the list below, I can see why there wasn’t a chance.  It was waaay too close to home! 

Skilled, Dedicated Leaders

My key character was a sick man, yet, a highly successful university president.  His leadership skills were spectacular; turning a financially distressed university into a model for the region. He was loved and respected by all – – as were many of the Hollywood directors, actors, and media gurus named here.

However, I must say, even with his shortcomings, you’re not likely to find Steve’s name on the list below.  Afflicted by the same problems of any addict, whether it is one driven by alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, smoking, or sex, he would do whatever it took to maintain his addiction—cheat on his wife, lie to women, deceive others—but he was never disrespectful to women. (Smile – – as the author, I have a right to put in a good word for him.)

Addiction Professional

Certified Addiction Professional, Dr. Francis Valenti calls my ‘Love, Lies and Liaisons’ trilogy, “An excellent portrayal of the double life of a sex addict—his trials and tribulations, and struggles against all odds.  Each occasion with another woman is a novel experience that fills his desire for more.”

Learn More

Check out my “Love, Lies, and Liaisons” trilogy on Amazon and learn more about the challenges of those afflicted by addiction, rather than spending more time reading about this month’s growing list of egocentric sexual abusers.   

Only the Beginning  

This is only a start to what will become a very long list of people we know. See source.

# of Accusers         Name                        Position                                Status
    238 plus             James Toback            Hollywood Director           Denied          
         80                  Harvey Weinstein     Hollywood Mogul               Fired 
     Multiple            Jeremy Piven            TV Reality Star          No Comment
     Multiple            Terry Richardson      Celebrity Photographer    Consensual
     Multiple            Leon Wieseltier        Literary Critic                 I’m Sorry
     Multiple            John Besh               Celebrity Chef                   I’m Sorry
     Multiple            Kevin Spacey          Acclaimed Actor      Seeking Treatment
     Multiple            Matt Lauer                Celebrity TV Anchor        Fired
         19                  Andrew Kreisberg  Executive Producer           Fired
         12                  Mark Halperin          NBC Political Analyst      Fired 
            9 +             Roy Moore               Senate Nominee              Denied
            8                 Charlie Ross            CBS Journalist                   Fired
            8                 Michael Oreskes     NPR News Chief                Fired
            7                 Brett Ratner            Recognized Actor            Stepping Down
            7                 George H.W. Bush Former President               Joked About It
            5                 Louis C.K.      Emmy-winning comedian         I’m Sorry
            4                 Glenn Thrush          Political Journalist             Suspended
            4                 Al Franken                Minnesota Senator         I’ll Do Better
            3                 Steven Seagal         Famous Actor                    No Comment
            2                 Jeffrey Tambor       Acclaimed TV Star             I’m Sorry
            2                 Dustin Hoffman      Acclaimed Actor               I’m Sorry
            2                 Ben Affleck              Acclaimed Actor                 Analyzing Self
            2                 Ed Westwick            Recognized Movie Star    No Comment
            1 +         Matt Zimmerman     NBC Booking VP                  Dismissed
            1                 Roy Price                  Amazon Studios Chief      Resigned
            1                 Bob Weinstein        Harvey’s Brother                Denied
            1               Oliver Stone      Writer & Director               No Comment                   

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