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Reforming American Education – Could That Be Fiction?


cochran-presidential-affair-3DThe answer to the question above is . . . YES and NO. Presidential Affair, the last book in my “Love, Lies and Liaisons” trilogy was just released and it tells the YES and NO story – loud and clear!

YES, the story is fictitious as it follows key character Steve Schilling to Washington D.C. to assist the first female president of the United States to develop and pass legislation to reform our nation’s education system. They make a great team on the Hill by day and in the White House by night. . . Hmm.

NO, the need to reform education in the United States is NOT fiction. The quality of education in the USA has dropped from 1st to 25th among the 30 industrialized nations of the world. PLEASE . . . GO BACK AND READ THAT LAST STATEMENT AGAIN! We have way too many uneducated and under-educated people in our country. If we maintain the status quo, the future of our country is in deep do-do!

To prove the point, I could share many other stats with you about our nation’s beleaguered education system. But, instead of me spewing forth raw data about the poor quality of education in our country, I urge you to read Presidential Affair. It is an exciting fictional story based on real facts and figures that result in a major effort to reform education. (Oh and by the way, Steve creates a “Steve-a-mania” epidemic as he learns and earns his way around the nation’s capital!)

Even though the story is fiction, the reforms proposed could be real. Oops! That should say, they could be real if enough citizens gave a damn about the quality of education and its impact on the future of our country!

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