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Yes, I really am getting back onboard with my blog. While April 1st is often the day to fool people and play jokes, I won’t be fooling you.  I’m coming out of my blogging hiatus.  Rather than making periodic posts, you’ll be receiving blogs, on a regular basis, filled with insights about my personal life and my many experiences developing and writing new novels.

Before we embark on that journey, I’d like to update you on some of the most recent happenings in my life.  To say the least, it’s been a wild ride!

My wife Lin and I have entered into a truly new phase of our lives.  It’s not that we’ve moved and are building a new home.  “Old hat … so what’s new?” some of our closest friends would say.

And yes, they’re right.  Those who know us (some longer than any of us would admit), know we really enjoy the challenge of designing and building our homes as the current project is our seventh.  While Lin and I agree there is something special about our latest project – –  that story must wait for a future blog.

Back to the wild ride!

During my last five years in Florida, I had seven hospital stays and bills totaling over $1 million (even with hospital-monopoly money that’s a lot).  But the impact on me was far more than the numbers might convey.  During the last year or so in Florida, walking to the mailbox was a literal “sweat-a-thon.” I was soaked with perspiration, ready for a shower – – the heat and humidity had gotten to me.

Lin and I talked about this issue numerous times – – we loved our Florida friends and community—but finally came to the conclusion we needed to move.

Like always, Lin took the bull by the horns.  It wasn’t long before she’d sold our home and we were packing boxes.

Without firm plans we were “homeless” and heading for the mountains.  Stay tuned for “the rest of the story.”

Special Note: Lin does the mechanics of posting my blog and always wants me to include a picture.  Last fall we did a photo shoot for my new series “Thorn Birds Confront Detroit Mafia.” Since I used the phrase “wild ride” in the post, she thought this shot of me (with my logo for the series) resembles an old man on a wild ride – – do you agree?


  1. Very interesting, Les. Susan and I parallel your adventure with a couple of twists. Between us we’ve owned several homes but we’ve never built one. That changes with the acquisition of six acres in south-central Kentucky ( Susan’s family country). We’ll have use for a fireplace, see actual hills and valleys, and I’ll get to play gentleman farmer with equipment and pole barn/man cave. Very exciting.

    • WOW! I’ve become a “mountain man” and your on your way to being a “gentleman farmer.” Isn’t it interesting how life changes (even in the senior years)? Let’s keep in touch.

  2. So happy to hear from you again. We miss you and Lin so much down here in FL. Wish you luck and happiness with the new house. Almost time to head north. See you in MI.

    • Thanks Lee – we miss you guys, too. We will definitely make contact with you when we get to Michigan this summer. The annual golf outing event will be held on July 14 and Lin’s mom can always use our help so it is likely we will be there for a week or more around that time.

  3. Delighted the blog will be back in business. Looking forward to future posts. Will they be composed and sent from the new house?

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