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Hi Friends and Readers.  As you know I have started posting blogs on a regular schedule but sometimes I enjoy a little change-up.  I hope you do as well.

My new series, Detroit Thorn Birds, is historical fiction about the Detroit Mafia. My wife and friends say I am quite historical myself – – and perhaps a little fictitious, too.

Anyway, back-in-the-day I taught high school in Detroit.The picture here shows me visiting Western High School located in the inner city.  I was surprised at how good the old school looks . . . I taught there in the 1960’s (see what I mean by historical?)

Even though I no longer live in Detroit I keep my eyes and ears open about happenings there as something might give me an inspiration for my storylines about the Detroit Mafia and the Thorn Birds.  Last week I saw an article about Dr. Nikolai Vitti, the new Superintendent of Detroit Schools and of course being an educator, I had a thought to share. Here’s my opinion piece published in the Detroit Daily on April 26, 2017.  

Detroit Schools




  1. Well said. And, by the way, you still look pretty much the same as you did back then.

  2. Your tales are so relatable to our high schools in Ontario Les. The exception would be that we ladies of course didn’t go to the type of “bars” you attended with your cronies. We would slip down to Buffalo though when we were underage for our wild nights

    • Thanks Janet – – I may have to talk with you more. Sounds like some of your real-life events could make it in one of my storylines!

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