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Hot, Hot, Hot!


Steamy NovelistHi – Yes that’s me.  I sat under this sign for several days.  It was fun meeting vacationers from all over the country!  They come from many northern cities to be in warm Florida in the winter.  The fact that I am a “Steamy Novelist” helped heat things up for them!!

The video trailers on my blog and website may have helped create the steam!

Hot, Hot, Hot!




  1. Just met you on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship. Immediately after disembarking I checked out your books on Amazon. Just downloaded the first one…Signature Affair. Looking forward to enjoying this book on my long flight home. It was a pleasure meeting you!

  2. Dear Lin and Les, I can’t believe I have had this Email since April 7th. I am further behind in answering people than I thought. And in answer to yourquery, yes I would buy from that guy sitting under the steamy sign, inthe red fedora. I have been waiting for your book to come out so I cancomplete the steamy trilogy you wrote. All is going well out here in Colorado. I really do love my little apartmentand am happy I don’t have the responsibility of a house to take care of.Also don’t have much to clean, not that I did that much cleaning in Florida.I do miss my beloved Pine Island and friends so much, but I felt the sameway when I got married and had to leave St. Joe. I still miss Michigan toobut If I hadn’t moved as many times as I did, I wouldn’t know all the wonderfulpeople I do now. I am getting acquainted here and have joined a Senior Citizens group whereI have met some nice people. They have a great Center here about 5 minutesfrom my home. They have so much to offer including a pool, exercise equipmentand classes which I should take more advantage of and will eventually.(you think)I have learned my way around so am out and about at will now. The mountains are certainly and lot different than the Gulf when it comes to scenery.We have a great view of Pikes Peak which is about 30 miles south of us, but lookslike it is in the back yard. We have a good view in back with many different species of animals around. We don’thave prairie dogs there but I love to see the little buggers when I an out and about.There are deer galore and wild turkeys which don’t thrill me in the least. Gosh theysure are ugly. I am sure glad Ben Franklin didn’t get his way and the Eagle was votedthe national bird. Well dear friends, will sign off for now. Later this week I am going to the Tattered Coverbookstore and hope to find your book so I can finish the trilogy. I missed you guys inFebruary and sure hope we can get together in the future. Miss and love you guys and take care. Dottie

    • Hi Dottie,
      We are so glad to hear you are adjusting to your new abode. Lin will send you an email very soon about how to get an autographed copy of “Presidential Affair” as well as share other news with you.

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