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Detroit Mafia/Thorn Birds Series Update

Last year about this time I released the first book in a new series about the Detroit Mafia in the 1970s.  Well, believe it or not, I’ve done it again.  I’ve released the second edition of SAX CLUB.  It’s available on Amazon and other book sites and is five thousand words shorter than the original novel. 

“Why?” you say

As simple as it may seem, it’s the result of what I heard from people like you. Since releasing SAX CLUB, I’ve listened to what my reviewers, fans, and readers said.  Not all, but several made the same point—“for a novel in the historical fiction genre, there’s too much emphasis on the personal love life of the main character.”

Taken Back

At first, I was taken back.  So I read SAX CLUB, again. (Can you imagine an author sitting down and reading his own book?)  The message was clear and on point—I had not made a complete transition  from my “Love, Lies, and Liaisons” trilogy, which followed the personal life of a sex addict.  In other words, Clark Phillips, my lead character in SAX CLUB still had  some of the same behaviors as Steve Schilling in the trilogy.

Never Too Old to Learn

Though I’m busy writing my fifth book, I still have a lot to learn – – even at my age.  As an academic administrator I used to preach to my colleagues “it’s amazing what you hear when you listen.”  (Today, some of them would say “Amen” to the fact that I just admitted to preaching!) The saying is still true – it’s amazing what I’m learning by listening to my readers.  Thank you for sharing.

I “De-Sexed” SAX CLUB

I bet that sub-title got your attention.  As I was working on finishing my new house, I reflected on the input I had received from readers.  “Hmm . .” I said to myself, “I’m writing for readers to enjoy my stories, therefore, I need their input and advice.”  As a result, I took Steve Schilling’s love life behaviors away from Clark Phillips.  I reduced the sex scenes in SAX CLUB and kept Clark more focused on his detective work to outsmart the Detroit Mafia.  

Outcome – Second Edition: Detroit Mafia/Thorn Birds Series 

While the second edition of SAX CLUB is shorter, the story is unchanged. In fact, it’s readability is crisper and more sharply focused on Detroit in the 1970s. 

Thanks, readers.  Keep sharing your thoughts.  I’m listening AND learning.


P.S. If you want to read the sexless version, here’s direct access: SAX CLUB: Second Edition

One Comment

  1. Les, is there any chance that your second SAX CLUB book will be available on NOOK? At present, I am overrun with paper books in my home. My children gave me a NOOK for Christmas and I love having all those books available at my finger tips. I read SAX CLUB as soon as it became available, after having met you and Lin at your home in NC, thanks to Lauchette Low. I am also pleased that you listened to your readers and lightened up on the sex. Hope you are enjoying Florida!!

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